Studio Esperanto

So! I’m excited to show you a couple shots from my Oiran photoshoot in Kyoto.. It was called Esperanto Kokoro Kyoto Okazaki Studio. It was expensive but totally worth it! It was kind of lucky too that it was a decent walking distance from our hotel/inn that we stayed at in the city. This was from our 10 day trip to Japan that my best friend and I took this past February, which was a very busy 10 days lol.

The studio staff were very friendly even though they can barely speak English. Their photographer was the best out of all of them and it turned out to be such a great fun time!

I’m definitely thinking of going back and doing they’re other options for dress and costumes!!


Basilisk [Anime]

wow. i had nothing to do one time so i was browsing along netflix (yay, netflix!) on our ps3 and saw this show. I had wanted to see it long before now but i never got around to watching it. I knew it was some sort of drama-ish kind of show so i wasn”t really that intrigued by it. However, now that i’ve finished the entire 24 episodes, i must say, it is an impressing show. for a ninja anime, i liked how straightforward this show was and not too dragging like naruto (no offense to those who like naruto; i like the show, but not too much to watch it entirely)… so anyways we have two warring ninja clans who have their respective future heirs arranged to be married and, sadly, they become part of a plot that leaves them to make painful choices.

Even though this show only briefly illustrates all the main ninjas’ talents & skills, I prefer it. Even without all the explaining that Sakura (from Naruto*) would do, the show was very engaging still. Did not agree with the ending though… but i guess it was a good one. You know what messed me up though?? Once i finished watching an episode, i could never remember the names!! LOL they were so long about 4 syllables for most of them and I couldn’t remember them unless i was watching the show.. hahaha, isn’t that funny? XD

And since we are talking about this particular story line, i wanted to tell you that the show is based on a novel written by Futaro Yamada in 1958. Awesome storyline for an author from so long ago. =) And also a movie was made based on this same storyline: Shinobi (2005). I should get the gang to watch it with me, it might be as good as Basilisk or maybe better! But anyways, watch the show if you haven’t yet. It really is very good. Aside from the booby exposures… XD

Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu

Magical Girl Squad Alice, or otherwise known as Tweeny Witched over at this of the Pacific… I’ve watched this show a couple times and it’s a really interesting show. the heroine, Alice, is kinda like alice but with a kick-ass personality. a spunky girl with guts. There’s a lot of ways to describe her..  lots of things drew me to this show. not only is it visually unique, the plotline and the twists in the story are very interesting.

the interaction between the two other girls and Alice are pretty amazing to see. sometimes, i keep thinking Alice is thinking one thing but a scene later, she proves you wrong. that’s what hooked me to watch the show and finish it. it’s actually not that long since every episode are like 10 minutes or less. the two ruling powers, witches and warlocks, have some tension between them and this made the story more in depth. seeing the warlock city was like going to a futuristic world. the witches’ world, on the other hand, looks more like your traditional kingdom’s with residents and a tower/castle for the leaders.

alice becomes somewhat of a fugitive becauses she possessed a magical book that was stolen from the witches. it really interesting when it comes to the mystery of how she got that book. anyways, i would definitely recommend it to those who like quirky stories. =)i loved how the story ended too.. it was so sweet, in my opinion anyways. but hey go watch it and see for yourself!! here is a youtube link for the first part of Episode 1.


ok so i’ve seen the trailer for this movie and i must admit, it reminded me of Little Big Planet.. but only because they have sackboys/people. also the idea of those twins 3 & 4 who can’t speak? it made me remember Kakurenbo; it has twins in it too, and they never talked as well. too bad the short movie didn’t explore their characters and history more. i liked those twins. and i think i will like the twins in the movie ‘9’ as well.

The twins from Kakurenbo, Immu and Yanku
The twins from Kakurenbo, Immu and Yanku

so, the ‘9’ movie is directed by timur bekmambetov. i’ve seen ‘wanted’ and i must say it was better than i expected. i mean beyond the little cliches on the ending part, it was really enjoyable. and that guy [i don’t know his name lol] have been doing more romance drama movies than action types so it was really something different. lol tangent.


without further ado, here is the trailer. the movie producer is Tim Burton. so definitely it is something to get curious about and by the way, the music they used on the trailer is kick ass awesome. i will find a way to put it in my iPod. it’s called Welcome Home from Coheed & Cambria. =)

Anta, mainichi, tabete bakari da.

i was trying to remember how to take screen shots so i went online and found the command prompts… here a few awesome shots.. ignore the pictures 1, 2, 3, the pics lol 


yeah, so basically i have to hold down command-shift-3, there are a few other variations but this was the one that i wanted.. lol here’s a few more shots..


rukia!! i used to watch bleach but after a while i got bored with it, lol i want it to end soon!!! lol i’ll watch the ending for sure just to see what happens to rukia and ichigo and aizen and the other peepzz.. 

anyways, summer is here, so hopefully i get more hours for work and i want to apply for another one where it’s not related to my current job.. more towards the arts.. hmm, i would really enjoy it too.. i like art.. lol anyways, that’s about it for updates, not much but it’s still something. 

i’m back to learning japanese [i do this only during summer time because school time is damn hectic, it breaks my brain lol].. working on my grammar and hiragana. started working on my stories as well. they feel a little too out of my brain right now so i’m slow at it… i think i need more exercise and milk and healthy food in general.. lol seriously i get paranoid when i start noticing that i haven’t been eating well or drinking enough milk.. so later, i hope my sister gets home early from school, i wanna take a walk outside.. it’s a good day for a walk.. =)

ooh and someone is going to bring an offer for the house [we’re selling our house, if i hadn’t mentioned that anywhere yet lol] so yeah, gotta keep the house spotless and shiny. yesterday i found twenty dollars on the ground. aren’t i lucky??? lol i was like, woohoo better go get a ticket for the lotto, which my mom did. we used the twenty to get lunch for my sister. lol 

right now, i’m anticipating tomorrow’s work, a coule of new clients so i have to be super ready. coz you never know what people are like, but i’m hoping they are nice people. =) helping them  with AM care as a routine gets a bit annoying if they’re not the most pleasant people. but lately i’ve been extremely lucky for some reason, so no worries. 

and besides, i’m saving up for that iMac of mine!!! then the DSi and then the printer!!! woohooo i’m getting too excited just thinking about it!! lol

my cousins’ family are coming later this summer so i have to work hard so that i can take a month off to be free to do whatever we want!!  oh and if i can just practice my driving again, i should be able to take my second test [first time, i got an automatic fail because an ambulance was coming and i didn’t stop for it.. lol damn, could’ve passed without that happening though XD]… anyhow, let’s cut this short because, as i said, i am studying right now and intermittently cleaning the house… i’ll need to eat in an hour or so… i want my pasta and shrimp!!! 

oh and the title means: You simply eat all day. [the anta is an impolite version of anata.] =)

Death Note American Remake: Let’s Talk About Actors

i have no idea if this is true but according to this article, it is. sooo…. let’s talk about it, shall we? 


i shall begin with a question… *ehem* 

Why must Death Note be remade in an american version? Oh, my soul will die if even the smallest hint of SUCK is visible in that in-the-making movie. It’s good that they want to widen the audience range for Death Note (assuming they actually like the story) but seriously they have to go above and beyond in choosing the right actors for this one. Death Note (anime) is epic. I admire the creativity of the story, the well-made characters and the rawness of their emotions. The uber cool soundtrack and background music are a must have as well. There is little to no flaws that you’ll find with the show. Everything about it is perfect in it’s own right. Now, to make such a high quality story and character design come alive as an American movie, I am doubting their devotion to the story, let alone the outcome and what they’ll change about it. They can probably achieve the presentations and the excellent visuals but it all comes down to the actors they will choose and their acting abilities. If they use just any famous person to play the antagonist and the protagonist of the story, it will leave a sense of ambiguity due to the fact that Light and L are the type of characters that come alive. They are their own selves, and to me it feels like Light and L can never be portrayed in flesh and blood just because I haven’t anyone in the acting field with such high caliber acting skills; well at least not anyone in the high school age range. 

Light and L can never be ‘played’ just by any handsome face. They must ‘become’ Light and L, whoever the actors will be, in order to achieve Death Note’s standards. I mean I don’t want to watch a movie and be able to say ‘that guy played light really well’. I want to be able to say ‘I was watching Light face off with L’. I’m trying to imagine any person to act out the characters but it seems that it won’t ever be as great as the anime show itself. I know full well the live-action movie did not do so much justice for Death Note but that all comes back again to how they portrayed the characters. The actors, I found they were sufficient but not the best. Definitely, I am opposed to famous (Hollywood) actors being used in the movie just because you already know their identity. To me, it would be like watching a movie where you’re observing that famous actor do a good job on that movie. Do you know what I mean? I feel like if that were to happen, then the movie is not as good as it should have been. To me, it feels like the people who will be playing Light and L should be hunted and auditioned from among the populations. Who knows where such diabolic emotions of ‘Kira’ will come from? Who will be able to bring L to life in one stare, in one word? But, who knows? if Heath Ledger can come up with a magnificent Joker, then there must be someone out there who might really deserve the role of Light and L. 


if i had to choose, for Light, Leonardo di Carpio or Jude Law would be great I think. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I think they can deliver the role well enough (no one can ever beat miyano mamoru’s awesome voice acting in the anime.. he’s a crazy dude with crazy voice acting skillzz lol). But i can’t imagine Zac Efron being diabolical and devious in such a degree like Light. L is a completely cross-your-fingers topic; i just hope the actors chosen for the movie do the characters good justice. Let’s all hope for the best. =) Comment please.