Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun Hye

i like them. they’re from Coffee Prince [a korean drama]. it’s so funny and super kilig [lol]… they should get together. i want them to make a second coffee prince but i guess that wouldn’t be nice with one member missing… you know Lee Eon?? the one who kept calling Eun-Sae his Angel? that was so funny but he looks like a good person so i don’t understand how something like that could even happen to him. i feel bad for his family.. he’s too young to go.. and he was just starting to get known in the industry as well. Rest In Peace, Lee Eon, you will be missed by a lot of people.

anyways.. on to a lighter topic. Gong Yoo and Eun Hye.. i wish they’d get together in real life or else i will kidnap Gong Yoo and tie him up in my basement!!! LOL just kidding.. i wish they really would date though, it would be soooo cute!! i liked their chemistry in Coffee Prince..

hahaha hilarious!!

and gong yoo is just sooooo adorable and sexy!!! lol i can’t help it, he’s soo cute!! just look at these pics of him from the net:

yoo is killing me with this stare

hahahaha!! and look at his super hot bod!! i sound like a perv now…

GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! stop it, yoo!!!

WHEN he comes to canada, i will make him mine!! but if that doesn’t happen, i want him to be with yoon eun hye instead, coz look at her, she’s sooo cute too:

pwettyyyy =)

and just look at how cozy they are in this next pic.. aren’t they just an adorable on-screen couple?? oh how i wish they’re together off-screen too!!!! their wedding day would be so awesome!! LOL

awww, ain't that cute? =) i'm sorta jealous... actually super jealous!!

*SIGH*….. dear gong yoo, if you have no plans to snatch yoon eun hye like you ought to, then permit me to snatch you instead. LOL

***ooh, and i’m working on a short story that involves gong yoo!!! and i guess i’ll put eun hye as a guest in the story lol. check it part 1 here… and part 2 here… it’s just a shorty so.. yeah; just read it if you want. =)