Blade Runner 2049 Review

Am I the only one who got confused with this movie? Maybe it didn’t help that I don’t remember the original one and so it was a little odd for me. I noticed early on that Ryan Gosling didn’t have much to say and that’s probably part of the movie to help portray his character but boy did it start to bore me. Then they overused that loud electronic noise in so many scenes that I started hating it lol.

It was almost a very good movie but for me it didn’t quite get the emotions across to the viewer and I could see where they were trying to get those to come across but it was just not happening. Even Harrison Ford’s character felt a little one dimensional. I couldn’t quite stay in the story’s plot because of all these distractions. LOL I feel like I sound so mean.  But anyways, I don’t think I should have seen it in theatres.. But I still didn’t mind it so much because it had such good looking scenes. Give it a watch and see how you like it. Ciao for now!


Disney’s Paperman

This is absolutely perfect! 😀 I stumbled upon this short quite by accident, I didn’t know what it was about but I’ve read comments about how good it was, and so I thought, ‘Hm, this might be an interesting movie, I guess.’ I didn’t even know it was just a short film and by god, the music is divine! It’s so hopeful, and it makes me feel like it’s always summer, even if it’s snowing outside–the warmth of the music and the revelry it gives off is addicting; I have it as an mp3 file so I can listen to it when I write my stories, hahaha! And also it gives me renewed hope that someday, somewhere, that special someone meant for each one of us will show up and smile and say ‘Hello.’ It reminded me of my childhood summers, of the warmth of the sun, of laughter and sweet memories. It just gives off such positivity that when you listen to the music, you just feel enraptured and truly alive within those moments.

See? It’s making my words flow like young river eager to get to the sea and greet the ocean. It’s like a rush, a natural high, an overwhelming dive into all those positive emotions, and I can’t help myself from being carried in it’s magic. It’s poetry embedded in music. What more could you ask for?! 😀 It’s almost like heaven on Earth.

Disney's PapermanThe animation was perfect, too. It was really sweet and touching and makes you believe in love again. It made me think that in those little moments in life, there’s so much potential in every single one. For someone who had long learned to dismiss the little things in life, I suddenly remembered how I used to be: curious, happy and full of hope. (I’ve said that word more than three times now, right? LOL! It’s true, though!) It’s almost sad, though, because you know that such things rarely happen in real life. And yet, that’s why there’s hope, that’s why we’re human–made to feel, to sense and to grow beyond what we know as normal or real. To me, anything can be real. Reality is subjective, is it not? It all depends on individual perspective. The short film was like a reminder. You know that normally doesn’t happen, but are you someone who’ll accept that or are you someone who’ll make something like that happen? Will you be an outlier or will you be part of the norm?

Paperman is about a regular guy who meets this girl in one instant and hardly even gets the time to ask her name before she’s gone again. Then seemingly, by consequence, he sees her across his building. A sign? Maybe. Here’s where the story might differ, had it been another person and not our “paper man”. Where he had made a choice and followed it up with his actions, another might have just ignored the moment and moved on. Someone else who tried as far as the paper planes might have given up halfway and said, ‘Ah, screw it.’ But our “paperman” didn’t give up; he kept trying. (Try and try until you succeed!!) I feel like the film is a lesson. When you pursue a goal, you’ll get there and be rewarded. It might seem hopeless throughout the entire journey, but with perseverance and determination, you can do anything! That kind of lesson.. LOL, yes, i’m blabbing on and on. Give it a watch and listen to the music as it fills your heart with magic. 😀


Whisper Of The Heart

I had just finished watching this movie (directed by Yoshifumi Kondo) again and by god, it’s still just as amazing as before. This movie inspires me to never lose sight of my dream. The dream to be a great writer someday is always in my heart. Hidden as it may seem most days; I never truly let go of it. I don’t want to let go.

Whisper of the Heart

However, all of my procrastinating is not very helpful. My new iMac is the best one to use for writing my stories, but it is wide in the open and i can hear all sorts of noise; from the aquarium’s bubbling water to the echoes of footsteps and television from the main floor, etc. Keep in mind, I used to write in the dark of night, surrounded by the silence. That’s the most productive time for my stories, because I can let my mind wander into the fantasy without being assaulted by loud voices and mechanical sounds from all around. Lately, I can’t stay up that late due to work, but on my days off, I do try to write for at least an hour a day. If I’m working, I sit in front of my stories and try really hard to block out the noise and sometimes I can add a line or two–three, if I’m lucky.My laptop is still doing me great service due to it’s portability. I can lock myself up in my room and write to my heart’s content–granted that no one walks or yells or knocks on the door. Sometimes, I miss our small little old house, where my room was sound proofed by my bookshelves and humongous desk and my hoarder-type boxes and boxes of either clothes or notes and books from university. Our current basement would be the ideal place for my writing, but I love using my iMac for movies as well, which is why it’s in our second living room (on the second level of the house). On top of that, it’s sort of like a computer for my mom and dad to use, too. So, really it’s a matter of choice: share the computer with everyone else and leave it in the living room, or drag it in the darkness of the basement and lock myself with it so i can write to my heart’s content. … I feel guilty about my choice already. This is why I can’t do things that I want so easily; because I always have to put them/others into consideration; is that bad? Someone at work said I’m too nice. LOL, she just doesn’t know me well enough, but I don’t think I’m bad enough that I’m hell-bound.

Seiji and Shizuku

But I digressed so far from the topic at hand that I don’t even know where to start again. The movie really is inspiring, and since I’m a hopeless romantic (some of you out there probably are, too), I really like how the movie foreshadowed the future relationship of the two: when Seiji tries to climb up the hill riding his bike and “deciding” on his own that he would “climb up this steep hill, carrying you [Shizuku] with me” to which Shizuku replies, “Who said you could decide that? I don’t wanna be just a burden for you. If I’m going with you, I’m going to help you.” She says this as she is pushing the back of the bike, helping Seiji up the hill. See? Isn’t that absolutely romantic? Hahaha, you probably think I’m nuts, but for some reason that always occurs to me when I see that scene. Life would be much better if we see such things more often. Helping each other is a sign of respect, isn’t it? It’s the idea that the other person is important too, just like our own selves, and with that in mind, helping them is a sign that you respect them and their ideals; it’s like saying you’re equals and not one is better than the other. I don’t know; I’m starting to go beyond what I wanted to say on this post, but the bottom line is: Watch the film. It is a wonderful piece of art! =)

Happy New Year!!

Well, it seems like 2013 is off to a great start. =) Fresh starts are always welcome. My mom finally decided to talk to her sister after a good two years of ignoring each other. It wasn’t that easy on any of us, but the feeling of betrayal was not something one could just shake off. Trust needs to be earned and at this point, it’s more like, ‘ok, let’s get over that big hump between us’…. so my mom pretty much wanted try and see if getting along was still an option. Turns out, it was. I was happy for my mom for overcoming that ‘hatred’… I know, I know, hatred is a strong word but that’s what it was. She was furious at being treated like a stupid person and to me, that was a fair reaction to what had happened. My aunt, on the other hand, I know she must feel awful but at the same time, she wasn’t trying to get together with my mom at all. My cousin had said that she just wasn’t sure how to make the first move. Pride, I can understand, but I just hope she doesn’t think she’s on the right side of the fence about what happened between them. There’s still quite a bit to talk about but we’ll just go slow at this point; no need to rush things when it feels like we’re all still walking on eggshells.

Back to a lighter note, we (my family and my aunt’s family) spent January 1st together and it was great. Some people got tipsy (yes, I did get a little drunk) and as a result, our pictures were so funny… Here’s an example:

Happy 2013!!!!

But I couldn’t drink much because I work the next day so we watched foreign horror movies instead, which failed because it was becoming more of a comedy the longer we watched it.. Our movie marathons are usually very good. LOL! This was the first time where we didn’t finish a movie because it was so bad. We had to fast forward to the scene with the flight attendant, and that wasn’t so bad.. but as a whole, ehh. See the preview:

Go see it if you want, and tell me what you think. =) Happy New Year, everyone!! Cheers! ^_^

Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’ll say. I have not read the book. I did buy it as a present for my cousin. I want to borrow it but she is still slowly working on it. But we did watch the movie, and it was so sad and pulls at your heart with the final revelation. I didn’t think it was that bad, but it was. Poor Charlie (our main character in the story)… at first I thought it was about being in high school again, which I was apprehensive about (for personal reasons) but it was beyond that. High school was just the background.

I wish it would have showed more of his thoughts though; that’s the only thing I found lacking. That’s why I want to read the book, so I can figure out what it was that the movie seemed to not say. I felt a little cheated. LOL! I’m so melodramatic. The movie was really good, though. The most beautiful line that stuck to me was: “I feel infinite.” =) Have you ever felt like that? Where you’re just so happy that you just bask in the moment and it feels like it’ll be like that forever. Those are always such awesome moments.

So, as soon as I can borrow the book and read it, I’ll let you know what  was missing…

Something Borrowed

Man, this movie is very relatable in terms of how indecision can often be the cause of our regrets. And believe me, I’ve had my own share of regrets…

Back in high school, I really liked this one guy to the point of even noticing weird things like how often we would be wearing the same colour shirts, and how we went to the same church. From 9th grade onto 11th, I only had eyes for him, and it seemed like he liked me too. I often caught him staring at me with a sideways glance in class to the point where our teacher saw and looked at me with a confused look (which is more than a little embarrassing, let me tell you). But my regrets lie in how quiet and shy I was back then. A lot of times, I wanted to just straight out shout to him how I felt but I never did. One time, I was walking out of the campus and I see him walking  a few feet in front of me. It was the middle of the day and no one else was around because classes were still on (I didn’t have a class because I was allowed to have an empty slot coz I took a lot of course the previous terms)… My brain was sending me red flags, and I was thinking, “This is your chance, just say it and be done with it.” So I worked myself up, worrying about how he will react and how other people will react if they found out… by the time he got to the sidewalk and turned left, it started raining. He walked faster, heading towards the bus stop. I stood there on the sidewalk, watching him go further away from me, and I was hung up deciding what I should do. A part of me wanted to just scream it all out, those three damn words to let him know about my feelings. A part of me was a restraining myself with doubtful thoughts like ‘How are you gonna go to school tomorrow, if you said that now?’ or ‘Do you really think he’ll just simply like you right back after you say those things?’ And of course, I let those nasty thoughts win. I turned around and walked home. That, people, is one of my biggest regrets. Now I’m stuck with ‘what if that happened…’ kind of thoughts whenever I think back on that moment. So, my biggest advice: Just go with what your gut tells you.

LOL and now, I’ve just exposed some very personal info.. NOOOOoooooooo!!! hahaha but I feel like an old soul, you know, trying to learn from life and share that knowledge… but back to the movie (now i’m actually gonna talk about it!) It was annoying how both parties waited and waited (seriously felt like that in high school, kept waiting, kept waiting) but in the end if you yourself don’t make a move then why expect something to happen, right? I feel like I’m scolding myself now.. Nonetheless, that movie certainly got it’s point across.

Basilisk [Anime]

wow. i had nothing to do one time so i was browsing along netflix (yay, netflix!) on our ps3 and saw this show. I had wanted to see it long before now but i never got around to watching it. I knew it was some sort of drama-ish kind of show so i wasn”t really that intrigued by it. However, now that i’ve finished the entire 24 episodes, i must say, it is an impressing show. for a ninja anime, i liked how straightforward this show was and not too dragging like naruto (no offense to those who like naruto; i like the show, but not too much to watch it entirely)… so anyways we have two warring ninja clans who have their respective future heirs arranged to be married and, sadly, they become part of a plot that leaves them to make painful choices.

Even though this show only briefly illustrates all the main ninjas’ talents & skills, I prefer it. Even without all the explaining that Sakura (from Naruto*) would do, the show was very engaging still. Did not agree with the ending though… but i guess it was a good one. You know what messed me up though?? Once i finished watching an episode, i could never remember the names!! LOL they were so long about 4 syllables for most of them and I couldn’t remember them unless i was watching the show.. hahaha, isn’t that funny? XD

And since we are talking about this particular story line, i wanted to tell you that the show is based on a novel written by Futaro Yamada in 1958. Awesome storyline for an author from so long ago. =) And also a movie was made based on this same storyline: Shinobi (2005). I should get the gang to watch it with me, it might be as good as Basilisk or maybe better! But anyways, watch the show if you haven’t yet. It really is very good. Aside from the booby exposures… XD