Disney’s Paperman

This is absolutely perfect! ๐Ÿ˜€ I stumbled upon this short quite by accident, I didn’t know what it was about but I’ve read comments about how good it was, and so I thought, ‘Hm, this might be an interesting movie, I guess.’ I didn’t even know it was just a short film and by god, the music is divine! It’s so hopeful, and it makes me feel like it’s always summer, even if it’s snowing outside–the warmth of the music and the revelry it gives off is addicting; I have it as an mp3 file so I can listen to it when I write my stories, hahaha! And also it gives me renewed hope that someday, somewhere, that special someone meant for each one of us will show up and smile and say ‘Hello.’ It reminded me of my childhood summers, of the warmth of the sun, of laughter and sweet memories. It just gives off such positivity that when you listen to the music, you just feel enraptured and truly alive within those moments.

See? It’s making my words flow like young river eager to get to the sea and greet the ocean. It’s like a rush, a natural high, an overwhelming dive into all those positive emotions, and I can’t help myself from being carried in it’s magic. It’s poetry embedded in music. What more could you ask for?! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s almost like heaven on Earth.

Disney's PapermanThe animation was perfect, too. It was really sweet and touching and makes you believe in love again. It made me think that in those little moments in life, there’s so much potential in every single one. For someone who had long learned to dismiss the little things in life, I suddenly remembered how I used to be: curious, happy and full of hope. (I’ve said that word more than three times now, right? LOL! It’s true, though!) It’s almost sad, though, because you know that such things rarely happen in real life. And yet, that’s why there’s hope, that’s why we’re human–made to feel, to sense and to grow beyond what we know as normal or real. To me, anything can be real. Reality is subjective, is it not? It all depends on individual perspective. The short film was like a reminder. You know that normally doesn’t happen, but are you someone who’ll accept that or are you someone who’ll make something like that happen? Will you be an outlier or will you be part of the norm?

Paperman is about a regular guy who meets this girl in one instant and hardly even gets the time to ask her name before she’s gone again. Then seemingly, by consequence, he sees her across his building. A sign? Maybe. Here’s where the story might differ, had it been another person and not our “paper man”. Where he had made a choice and followed it up with his actions, another might have just ignored the moment and moved on. Someone else who tried as far as the paper planes might have given up halfway and said, ‘Ah, screw it.’ But our “paperman” didn’t give up; he kept trying. (Try and try until you succeed!!) I feel like the film is a lesson. When you pursue a goal, you’ll get there and be rewarded. It might seem hopeless throughout the entire journey, but with perseverance and determination, you can do anything! That kind of lesson.. LOL, yes, i’m blabbing on and on. Give it a watch and listen to the music as it fills your heart with magic. ๐Ÿ˜€



Stuck on Disney Songs

Well, I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been missing the songs from those old Disney movies.. And right now, I’m listening to them while writing the intro to my new story. Yes, yes, I always have a new story to start; but why aren’t the ever finished, you ask? Well, the mood and timing and inspiration has to be just right to write them properly, otherwise I find when I re-read them, it would sound forced or rushed… I don’t know, but that’s how it is.

Anyways, I miss the Lion King songs so much!! And the 2nd movie had such awesome songs, too! I’m cycling through Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tangled, Tarzan, and like I said The Lion King 1 & 2. I can’t believe how awesome and epic most of these songs sound.. I really need to watch those movies again. I’m so hung up on ‘We Are One’ from Simba’s Pride right now. hahaha! Simba’s voice is awesome. =)



Then there’s Cornelius in ‘Let Me Be Your Wings’ and Phil Collins with ‘Two Worlds’. Seriously just listening to the songs turns me back into a giddy little kid swept up in the magic. Ah, there’s nothing like this recently, maybe with the exception of Tangled. Somehow the computer animated movies for kids these days are more for kids with shorter attention spans. Hey, I’m not saying I don’t watch some of those, because I do (out of curiosity); it’s just hard to find anything that can match the old Disney movies, in terms of soundtracks and story-wise. I’m glad I had that as part of my childhood. LOL. I think it was very hopeful in a very uplifting way that it just sticks with you, you know. Well, see, I can’t even write properly because I find myself singing along and so my train of thought gets lost. I’ll post again once, I’ve had my fill of Disney songs. Au revior!!! (Yes, I’m now starting to learn French)

Imagine Dragons

All I can say is they are AWESOME! I recently haven’t been able to find bands or a single person that has so many absolutely perfect songs. They are an indie rock band based in Las Vegas. There’s four of them: Dan Reynolds, D Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman. I’m pretty sure they had a girl in their group before…

Anyways, I’ve heard of them, specifically this song: It’s Time, from about a year ago. Then I heard them again in the trailer of the new movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I googled and went to youtube again.

I’m glad I did because I found all of their songs and I absolutely love it! I’ve been listening to all of their songs non-stop for about a week now. LOL! Only their songs, mind you. Nothing else. All the time, on repeat. I never get sick of it; that’s how awesome they are. =) Here’s a list of their coolest songs, IMO…

  • It’s Time
  • Phantomime
  • Radioactive
  • Emma
  • Drive
  • Fallen
  • Tiptoe
  • Tokyo
  • All Eyes
  • Hear Me
  • Demons
  • Round and Round
  • On Top of The World
  • Look How Far We’ve Come

So definitely check them out and like them on facebook, too! =)

Kerli & Moonchildren

Recently, I’ve been restless again; this time, about the music that i listen to. Somehow it’s been such a long time since i’ve updated my iTunes with music form outside the North America. So there i was browsing youtube, looking for unique sounds and such, and to my surprise, i came across one of Kerli’s most recent music video: Army of Love.

I’ve read about her a couple of years ago but i guess i was in a lazy phase to not have the energy to be intrigued, even though i was indeed intrigued a little bit. So there, in my mind, i was asking myself, ‘Haven’t i come across this artist before?’ … so while i played the video, i did a little wiki research on her and saw her first album and the list of songs. OMG, you would not believe how refreshing her music is. I am a newly converted Moonchild now. LOL! I’m sure most of you know that a Moonchild is one who believes in Integrity, Love, & Unity (ILU); this is what Kerli believes in as well, and her fans are usually referred to as the Moonchildren, which is pretty cute. =)

But anyways, My favourite songs from her are: Fragile, The Creationist, Walking on Air, and of course her version of Nature Boy, which is absolutely enchanting! Her music is, like i said, refreshing because it never sounds the same. and you can tell she is a songwriter because of the meaningful lyrics unlike the most songs now that just repeats lines and has upbeat tempo to make to make you groove. Sometimes, the heart yearns for more that those kinds of music and Kerli is definitely a great pick. I wish she would make more songs like the ones I’ve mentioned as i find those songs showcase her voice more and relay the emotions in it through the lyrics. I am definitely on the look out for more of her songs!!

Tissue Princess

Ok! remember when i was in the VOCALOID phase? i was then surfing youtube a whole lot for music stuff that was unique and cool. then i came across Tissue Hime. I’m pretty sure he’s a guy but he cosplays as that girl from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series. anyways, he plays awesome bass guitar and he has awesome legs too!! XD. i’m wondering if there’s still a debate as to what sex/gender the person is? but anyways, Tissue Hime plays sooo cool!!!

if you search Tissue Hime on youtube, you can find so many videos. i once saw a collaboration with other musicians…i quite forgot what it was called (it was so long ago!!).. but anyways, go check out the videos and tell me if you agree that Tissue Hime is awesome!! =)

Look at the hands and the chest if you're wondering about M or F

Piano Oh Piano

lately been getting addicted to playing the keyboard in our family room.. lol i have a lot of free time and so there, i play. i started with Lilium Music Box Version from Elfen Lied.. that tune is very haunting, for me anywways… going to Bratja from FMA next and the on to Anastasia’s At The Beginning. =)

it’s good though, coz i’m getting more and more practice for my left hand.. i’ve always been weak with it so.. wish me luck!! =) playing makes me calm and happy =)

Jim Brickman

i don’t know how long my subconscious have been yearning for his songs. i remember the Gift, My Destiny, Valentine and all those sweet ballads that were sung by women. i never thought of searching for them until my friend said she recently found out about Jim Brickman. being the curious type and wondering what the person would sound like, i asked her to show me what types of songs he makes. and there i was stunned and awed upon discovering that he does indeed sound very good. at this point i still didn’t recognize him as the one who does the piano on those three songs that i mentioned. so i go home and start my quest to look for more tunes from him and mu cousin was interested in what i was looking for; when she starts getting songs, i get curious too… we both have a similar taste in music, that’s why. so anyways, i told her jim brickman and she was surprised. she said i already heard his songs, so there i go flying off to youtube to check if she’s right. so i search all those familiar songs and voila! they were his songs, i was so happy and kinda dumbfounded to not have searched for the songs earlier.. i guess the name didn’t seem familiar because i assumed it was the female singers’ songs, but they were just featured in his songs. so there you have it. =) and now i’m in a romantic songs phase… it’s all good.

here is a link to his website: jim brickman rocks!!ย