Such Craziness >__<

you see, i have this bad habit of looking at my work schedule once or twice (and not so attentively at that) then never again. So what happens is something like this (click the image to read it.. LOL):

Sorry, I had to blur out my peeps’ names… condifentiality and all. But you get what I mean. This craziness has happened to me 4 times now. 4 darn times; and i stayed to work at one time because it was a night shift. i didn’t wanna go home only to sleep again after sleeping away the rest of the day already.

Such is my laziness to look at my schedule more than twice. But you see, i have a reason for this. since i work full time, more often than not, i get stressed and agitated knowing that i am scheduled to work more days than i could ever admit was comfortable for my dear body and soul. 12 hours is tiring. i don’t like to think about the next week full of 12 hour work days. i don’t want to think of how busy it will be when i get there on those days. that is why, unlike my co-workers, i could never memorize my 12 week rotation, i can only put the next two or three days that i work into my already stressed brain. that’s how i do it, and that way is the less stressful for me. after those stretches, i would check again and see how long my next strecth is. if i make the mistake of looking past that, my dates unfailingly get mixed up somewhere. then i always feel the time i wasted in sleeping early the night before, getting up early in the morning, and going to work only to see that my name is not on the assignment. i’d sigh in defeat and shake my head. i quickly say hi and bye and leave the unit so i can go back home and sleep.

DAMN YOU, BRAIN!!! stop being so messed up with the dates already!! *sigh* sometimes i just have to laugh at myself for letting it happen again and again. please, whoever is listening, whisper a sign to me when i am at risk of making this sad, sad mistake again. ahahaha, but seriously. i don’t want it to happen again. it’s only been a year and it’s happened 4 times. =(


Mixed Feelings…

Ok, my convocation is tomorrow and two days ago I had blonde highlights done. and I fear it looks horrific on my hair color which is dark brown with a reddish hint on it. ArGh..!! Now, i dunno if i want it to dye it red so i have red as highlights or just get it bleached more to be super blonde highlights which will probably ruin my already messed up hair… =( No shoes yet for tomorrow either.. OMG, i’m so lost. hahaha i’m only doing this once so i want it to be great.


lol. ok, so i got a job!!!! hahahaha i feel so giddy!! first job as a GN!!! hehehehe i had orientation on a night shift and it was scary but everybody was nice to me so i think i can handle it.. as long as people are helpful then, it’s ok!!! lol it was kinda cool having patients in the ENT field instead of the GI that i was accustomed to.. but so many patients!!! OMG!! hopefully, time will be my friend. meaning as time goes on, i will learn more and more about those conditions and surgeries and be more confident in my field of work!! wish me luck everyone!! =)

Ahh, Feels Good To Be Done

hahahaha! this is the best december ever! i’m finally finished with school! i finished practicum on Nov. 28th with great improvements so i am very pleased to have the mark that i deserve. god knows how long i’ve waited for this moment and now that i’ve finally got it, it definitely feels good. =)

somehow, i know everything will be going for the best at this point in life and hopefully i’m right. i mean, now i can help out as much as i can with the mortgage, the bills, my bills (yeesh, my student loan is quite an amount right now), and finally being a student is done. I’m a working girl!! LOL

never thought i’d be so excited about this… i always thought working would be such a drag but since i’ve learned so much, i just want to go out there, do some good and learn more. that’s the feeling to have after all those years of hard work in university.

just so you get an idea of how senior practicum was, i’ll give you a little bit of a description. i was in the surgical unit, with moderate to high acuity (depends on the day LOL) and it is super busy. one shift, i didn’t even have time to sit for even a minute or go to the washroom to pee. isn’t that crazy? hahaha, yeah sometimes busy can be really busy. but yeah, i managed to owork my way through and i learned so much in the process. i got 2 great preceptors who were always giving me feedback so that i know what i needed to work on and what things i’m doing good at. so basically it didn’t come as a surprise at the end, but it was still scary knowing i still really didn’t have a concrete mark to be relieved about. but now that i know my mark, i am super happy! =)

anyways, it’s almost my b-day again. can you give me a present?? hahaha! i wish! i’m just hanging out with peeps and eating my heart out if i can. lord knows i deserve a great appetite after those nights of not eating from pure exhaustion. anyways, tomorrow is job hunting day. i better wake up early and get my resume printed out…. hahahaha =)

Memories of Summer Days

ok. me and my cousins have been doing various things just to relieve the feeling of boredom and to keep ourselves from thinking about my other cousin’s babies. it’s been going fun too! although, we often do movie nights when they’re off work at around 12midnight. we went out to eat at a chinese restaurant close to my university at around the same time… anyways, recently they’re always at the house, as though it was all done and forgotten (the big ‘thing’ that happened around feb.).. it’s ok with me coz they have no other peeps to go with but i guess i’m still waiting for that time when they would talk about what had happened during those weeks.

anyways, not to spoil the post, i am glad to be registered for the Senior Practicum. i feel so blessed that i managed to go through all those years and even though there were ups and downs, i have managed to not knock myself down with every pseudofailure that i experience. just gotta get ready for this unit and i will be taking the exam next february and i will be officially a nurse!! =)

another thing, i have taken on a mission to sew a dress or shirt for myself before the summer ends… of course, i’ll do my homework too!! anyways, i am almost done making a short dress.. LOL, ok i admit, i was sort of in a hurry to make something so i made a loose kind of dress.. i mean it looks okay and all that but my methods weren’t the best. an expert seamstress would probably scold me for what i did.. ok i don’t quite know how to work a sewing machine yet but i tried.. i think the longest i lasted on it was 1 minute then my mom had to come fix it again for me. after i got tired of stopping coz of my messed up sewing machine operating skills, i did the rest by hand.. it was time consuming but i managed to fix the undershirt, if that’s what it’s called. i bought more material so i can experiment more later haha!

we’re going swimming either later this week or next week.. we call it “bonding time.” LOL we’re so cheesy, eh? anyways, 1 more month and i’m headed for practicum!! =) i registered today already!! wish me luck everyone!! =)


hahhahaha!! i made it to the Dean’s Honour List! the mail came on july 12 and i was so happy i cried!! i didn’t expect it at all, and after all that effort especially around 2008’s struggle.. i was very thankful to say the least. i didn’t think i would have this sort of recognition, but now that i have this, i feel really blessed. i knew lord is always taking care of me.. lol i guess this was all a test to see if i kept my faith… =) i’m all smiles now..!! hahaha ok, gotta go to clinical now!!! just wanted to say i love my life. it gets crazy at times, but i love it anyways. ciao for now!! =)

You Can Fly

alright! so community clinical term is almost done and i’m really happy that i’ve managed to finish it with a bang. hehehehehehehehe… actually, i’m just really excited about what had happened with our project with the MBSP and the radio interview was really the icing on the cake; i felt like we accomplished our mission–we made people aware of what we were doing… LOL it was really such a big job but when it’s finally done, i’m kinda missing it.. i would most definitely stick with the gang if they asked tomorrow… hahahaha..

anyways, i know i’ve been neglecting my blog.. the avatar post is just non-stop with the comments, i’m glad that it is still a topic that people still search about these days. so here i am posting another update about life in general. i’m going to barbados soon and i should really pack my stuff and get ready but i feel sooo lazy still lol. i can’t find my red shoes..*sigh* that’s actually bothering me more than i want it to. but it’s because all my other summer shoes were with those red pair and if i can’t find the red pair, then that means slim chance of finding my greek style shoes, which i love!!! darn all those plastic bags in the basement!! lol anyways, i also need to get my nails done, probably putting bright orange nail polish on them…

i wish we could swim with the kids soon… i really want to see judang swim or paddle or whatever in the water. hahaha ok, speaking of the devil, the kid is calling me ‘papa’ right now and bothering me… so, i’ll just go and pay attention to the kid for now.. we have a movie marathon later, thanks to =)