Famous Dragons

i found some dragon people!! they’re famous too! =)

Famous Dragon People: Ringo Starr, Edward Heath, Dr. Seuss, John Lennon, Harold Wilson, Helen Keller, Pearl S. Buck, Salvador Dali, Francois Mitterrand, Hosni Mubarek, Maya Angelou.

i have to laugh at dr. seuss. maybe that’s how i have strange tendencies to write stories as well.. kiddy stories too most often.. lol

oh and nursing clinical in maintenance is done!! i got a B+.. my cef said i was 90% independent and only 10% more and i could’ve gotten an A.. darn. lol anyways, i’m happy as long as i learned a lot during this rotation.. looking forward to community next term. =)


Damn. Damn. DAMN.

i wasted 3 hours on the internet again instead of studying for my test on monday. DAMNIT. >__< !!

Using Tink for a Character Name is Scary…

so anyways, here i am making good time in studying my course materials for monday’s test. woohoo!!! am i pumped to study this or what?? lol, but seriously i understand this better than i thought i would… i realized that i often daydream or space out during class and miss almost all of the most important lecture points. damn you, overactive brain. lol so with a bit more reigning over my mind, and what do i get super easy studying times =) damn, it feels good let me tell ya.. better than i expected. it seriously goes along with my best clinical year as well. so now i will rest and wake up early ready to face the COPD notes and onto the Dysrhythmias and Heart Failure  and Coronary Artery Disease. so wish me luck and good karma will smile down upon your kind hearts. seriously, wish me luck.

and also is Tink a name no can ever use again just because Disney owns the original fairy character? what if i use it as a nickname for my own character [not a fairy, just a 12 year old girl] within my own story? will i lose originality? will that be plagiarism? but how could you plagiarize a name? how do you lose originality using a name that someone else used? i mean, the entire population has loads of Tinas, Kimberleys, Michelles, and Janets. is tink an exception to that rule? but i seriously i know someone who actually has the nickname ‘Tinkay” [if you are filipino, then you would know not to read ‘kay’ as /kay/ but read it as/kai/.. lol i just disclosed my ethnicity right there]. anyways, feel free to speak your mind on this ‘Tink’ matter; i’m totally at a loss whether to keep using the name or completely abandon it.


Very Good

i really really like my clinical rotation this term. very helpful cef!!! that is all that matters. i don’t care if it’s about an hour away from my house instead of the usual 15 mins from before as long as we have a cef who’s very helpful and nice. we’re not even nervous about our lack of skills because she enjoys doing all the detailed teachings herself. she’s so nice =) i really like her. here’s to hoping i get an A on this. Wish me luck!! =)



eek!! didn’t do the normal lab values yet!!! exam is tonight!!! ARGHH!!!!

edit: hehehe they didn’t even use it in the exam… but that one seems sort of okay… like it was a bit easy?? i want to get a good mark on it =)