Studio Esperanto

So! I’m excited to show you a couple shots from my Oiran photoshoot in Kyoto.. It was called Esperanto Kokoro Kyoto Okazaki Studio. It was expensive but totally worth it! It was kind of lucky too that it was a decent walking distance from our hotel/inn that we stayed at in the city. This was from our 10 day trip to Japan that my best friend and I took this past February, which was a very busy 10 days lol.

The studio staff were very friendly even though they can barely speak English. Their photographer was the best out of all of them and it turned out to be such a great fun time!

I’m definitely thinking of going back and doing they’re other options for dress and costumes!!


Random Pic 8


Well, it’s been a while.. Here is a pic of snow monkeys. Me and my best friend went on a trip to Japan this past February. It was a bit of a hike up in the snowy mountains, but eventually we reached the hot springs and it was a lot of fun!! The little monkeys were just relaxing in the water, while some of them were digging around in the snow, maybe for food… Then one of the babies came out of the hot springs and walked right over my foot as it went up to the snowy hillside. Japan is lots of fun! Will definitely go back 🙂

Cancun, Can Can!

I’ve never been to Mexico and it was really fun when a big bunch of us went (10 ladies) for a good week. It was interesting because we got to sight see and at the same time have enough relax time for me to get so burnt that I’m peeling off skin after only a week has passed. Of course, my best friend was with me (never apart, we are. lol). The only thing I didn’t like was how they used USD currency. It made everything a little more expensive that they should’ve been, in my opinion. I mean you can haggle but still.. it wasn’t the same.


My favourite part was Isla Mujeres! Haggling for souvenirs, and getting offered tequila on a burning hot day was funny. And yes, the last ferry back to our resort left without us, but we toughed it out and got on a different ferry and braved the bus back to Barcelo Costa. We saw this amazing view of the cliff and it was breath taking. You could see iguanas soaking up the sun on the rocks, too. A little creepy but since, they don’t move fast, they didn’t creep me out too much. There’s a good story to this: Riding on our cool golf cart, we were about to go around the island to see this amazing cliff, according to our friend.


But she forgot the directions of how to reach the cliff, and none of us knew enough Spanish to ask the native speakers. Then my cellphone comes to our rescue. I had downloaded the Google Translate app on it and had Spanish, French, and Japanese languages so I could translate offline. ‘Acantilado’ is the word for cliff and we would stop every now and then to make sure we were heading the right way. Then just when we get tot the cliff, our personal chauffeur noticed there was a map right on the steering wheel. LOL. We laughed ourselves silly.


Resting in hammocks at Xel-Ha
Resting in hammocks at Xel-Ha

The excursion that we went to first was called Xel-Ha. We did quite a bit of snorkelling and eating. Now that I think about it, we were only there for 2.5 hours which was totally not enough to finish the whole thing! Even though on it’s map, it looks like a theme park (so fun!) and it had the river where you can jump off a small cliff! I wanted to do that and walk on a rope!! We started on the wrong side of the place.. Ooh and there were dolphin interactions for an extra $100 which I did not have, sadly. Next time, I will do it!

Hammock Store

Did I mention that I bought a hammock chair? Haha, the guy wanted it for $75 and that thing was not worth $75 at all. So I haggled to get it for $40 but he wanted $45, so I said, sure. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t fit in my luggage so I had to carry it like it was stroller/carry on. At least, the airport didn’t give me so much grief for it. I refuse to post pictures of our bar hopping tour; I was red like a lobster from all the alcohol, but at least I was still moving; if I was drunk as heck, I wouldn’t be able to move off the floor–which is a very scary thought, when you’re in a different country that you can’t speak the language of… LOL!

The Face of Lily Evans

i found it very odd that i had been looking for more pictures of Cat (or images that i thought resembled him closely enough by description) when i came across this image:

basically this is what Lily looks like in my story. Dark haired and pale skin, with her emerald green eyes. i was irritated that a picture of a girl showed up when my search specifically included the word “man” (…yes, i googled ‘ivory haired man’). but when i looked closer i saw that she was basically the same make up as my character! Isn’t that neat? well, i think it is. now you all know our heroine’s face. =)
the interesting fact about this picture is that the woman’s name is Lillie Langtry. And according to this blog, i read that she is also a little feisty female; just like my character! sometimes, these things coincide and i just get so amazed at how similar people can be or in this case, the similarity is with the familiarity of my brain to such traits. yes, i do read a lot of books nad i guess that’s how i mostly formed my thinking up a character and their personalities. you gotta make sure they’re not crazily jumping between obvious contrasts in traits and such. anyhow, that was all i wanted to tell you. =)

Trip to Brereton Lake

awesome, awesome trip. i like the cliff side.. when we went back there, it seemed like no one else have been going there.. no firepits, no sign of people tracks and the pathway was closing up.. just after a year..

this path leads to an awesome rock cliff where you can see thousand of pine trees, huge and old ones..

it’s actually very nice over there… i remember there was a trans-Canada trail that you could follow along the cliffside.. we had kids with us so we couldn’t do that.. lol we’d be too slow and there would be too much complaining going on.

so if you like outdoors stuff, but not too hardcore, this one is definitely a good spot. from what i’ve seen, this is the only elevation in Manitoba.. hahaha!! (It’s usually very flat; no hills, no mountain ranges, etc..) =)

Venecian Masks

i looooove venecian masks.. they are so creative and fun!!! take a look at these pics from flicker.. from various people who have been lucky enough to have been in the carnivale de venezia.. i’m jealous!  =)

ahhh, they’re so wonderful!! i wish i could go to venice too in the future!! =) kudos to the people who took such wonderful pictures!!! =)