Those Crazy Moments

I’m positive everyone has had their fair share of random crazy moments. Here is one, among the hundreds, that I’ve had when I was in University 1. My best friend and I are often found by others laughing like maniacs, but since we’ve grown up a bit now (LOL), we try not to do it so much out of doors… anyways, I dug this up when I was cleaning my room, a monologue play that we made as we rode the 50 minute bus ride home:


(a man in a tuxedo has a top hat and a cane with tap-dancing shoes)

(the man tap dances for a while…)

he sings:

(1st verse)

i am sad man; mr. vojangles.

i like your spangles, and i think drink.

it makes me happy, all night and day.

i love my fat cat, & Swedish berries…

i hate the diapers my grandma wears.

she is half frozen, she is half thawed.

she is supposed to be dead but just won’t die!!!

i am forty, have uvulitis,

but someone cut it and now i bleeditis!

(2nd verse)

i am in heaven… la la la la la.

my only uvula, got finger-buried.

it grew up so fast, i had to hurry,

but someone cut it and now i bleeditis!

but someone cut it and now i bleeditis!



(he kneeels on the ground and stands up looking mad)

(3rd verse)


WHO MADE MY PAIN!  DON’T LAUGH! (points at a laughing girl in audience)

DON’T YOU GET IT? coz someone cut it and now i bleeditis!

(he walks around agitated and tensed and furious)

my uvula got cut in half, and i fell down low on my calf;

then everything just got so dark, i heard an old dog bark…

WOOF WOOF ARF ARF, then i had to barf


and then she came with tongs and prongs, and said she would just see;

but my uvula got pulled so strong, it broke and i was dizzy.


coz someone cut it and now i bleeditis!


WHO MADE MY PAIN! DON’T LAUGH! (points at a laughing girl in audience)

DON’T YOU GET IT? coz someone cut it and now i bleeditis!

(runs to the laughing girl and pulls out her uvula)


(he runs back to the stage)

(he starts laughing evilly)

your uvula got cut in half, and you fell down low on your calf;

then everything just got so dark, you heard an old dog bark…

WOOF WOOF ARF ARF, then you had to barf



(he runs to the back of the stage, laughing and holding up the bloody uvula)

——The End——-

Omg, I just now realized what kind of brain I had about 6 years ago… I still find this funny, but I’m appalled at how we even managed to think up this thing. LOL but it’s all good…


Summer is Nearly Here, Things Hopefully May Change

Sorry, if this blog seemed neglected for quite a bit of time; I’ve been busy getting out in the sun and enjoying it! Where I live, March has never been this warm!! I’m not wearing my winter jacket anymore, which says a lot. Another thing is that I’ve been kind of hung up on a couple of things: (1) my finances and (2) my sister’s school stuff. Let me tell you, bearing the thought  that I might be in debt for a number of years due to issues that aren’t mine–(ie) paying a family member’s credit cards or else he’ll be brought to court–well, it’s not a very nice feeling to have all the time. I’m trying to focus on my decisions for myself in the near future (which is the next couple of years) and I can’t even visualize what’ll happen because of what’s happening around me. I feel like I should go away and leave all this stuff behind. But what does that make me? I would be abandoning them, all for my own selfish reasons. Yet I also know that all these years, I’ve done nothing but help them in their times of need. That’s when I start telling myself that I need to think of myself. But at the same time, it’s not that easy.

Then there’s my sister. I’m very worried she might not make it through university at the way she’s doing things. She leaves papers until the night before to do it and hands them in without getting me or my brother to check it, which I specifically tell her to do because I know how she is with editing stuff. To tell the truth, she doesn’t know how to write a university level paper and it seems to  me that she could care less about the formatting. I try not to be pissed when I ask her how her studying is going or what mark she got on the paper or her quiz. Always disappointing results. I instructed her plenty of times to tell any of us if she doesn’t understand anything with regards to her courses, but the day she would actually do that has yet to come. She has a bit of an attitude when it comes to critizing her and at one point she even told me, “I’m not you.” That hurt. I know what she means and I understand; I’m more of a future-oriented person and she’s more of a go-with-the-flow type. However, this doesn’t mean she’s allowed to slack and get more F’s than I’ve ever seen in my whole academic life. I’m not sure she gets the fact that everyone is worried for her and that’s why we are always nagging her about school stuff. I wonder if she even has a sense of responsibility in herself because seeing how she does her studies, it makes me think she just does it because she thinks that’s what she has to do. I mean, when I went to school, I felt that it was my road to my future; an opportunity and a privilege that was mine. I felt that it was my job to do good in school so I know I will be fine in the future. Yet she goes to school, hardly having any idea of what she really wants and doesn’t really think school is a big deal, like it’s just something she has to go through. It astounds me how she can just keep doing this. Her goals in life like to do photography and draw or be an artist is understandable (I have the same goals, but it’s not limited to these) but dreaming about it is not gonna get her any closer to that.

I went to Nursing because back in high school, my parents wanted me to study Medicine and be a doctor. It’s still an option to me right now, but I’ve gotten sick of school for a bit so I’m working now and probably for a couple more years before I think about it again. My other goals in life: to be a writer, a chef, an interior designer, to learn other languages, to play an instrument. They’re all there still, I do what I can in my spare time that I don’t work or help my sister with her tests and essays. Every now and again, I would add a page or two to some of my stories and then some times learn half a song on the piano or re-read phrases in Japanese that I’ve learnt and soon forgotten. They’re always there, in the back of my mind, springing forward when my mind isn’t stressing about something.

I know my sister isn’t the same as me, but her obvious lack of effort is dusturbing. We are at a point where I need to check on her situation every other day just to get an idea of what’s happening in her school or to see if the essay we started a couple of weeks ago got any progress (surprise, surprise, it’s still the same as we started and it’s due in two days). It’s hard for me and even harder on my mom because she now feels she lacked in terms of watching over my sister. See what I mean when I say it’s not that easy to start thinking about myself? I have these things to worry about and I’m not the kind of person to just leave her alone and let her fail and end up working at a retail store (even though, I’ve said that aloud to my mom–it’s all that frustration talking LOL). So I hope the summer brings good things that’ll help cheer me up. =)

Ahh, Feels Good To Be Done

hahahaha! this is the best december ever! i’m finally finished with school! i finished practicum on Nov. 28th with great improvements so i am very pleased to have the mark that i deserve. god knows how long i’ve waited for this moment and now that i’ve finally got it, it definitely feels good. =)

somehow, i know everything will be going for the best at this point in life and hopefully i’m right. i mean, now i can help out as much as i can with the mortgage, the bills, my bills (yeesh, my student loan is quite an amount right now), and finally being a student is done. I’m a working girl!! LOL

never thought i’d be so excited about this… i always thought working would be such a drag but since i’ve learned so much, i just want to go out there, do some good and learn more. that’s the feeling to have after all those years of hard work in university.

just so you get an idea of how senior practicum was, i’ll give you a little bit of a description. i was in the surgical unit, with moderate to high acuity (depends on the day LOL) and it is super busy. one shift, i didn’t even have time to sit for even a minute or go to the washroom to pee. isn’t that crazy? hahaha, yeah sometimes busy can be really busy. but yeah, i managed to owork my way through and i learned so much in the process. i got 2 great preceptors who were always giving me feedback so that i know what i needed to work on and what things i’m doing good at. so basically it didn’t come as a surprise at the end, but it was still scary knowing i still really didn’t have a concrete mark to be relieved about. but now that i know my mark, i am super happy! =)

anyways, it’s almost my b-day again. can you give me a present?? hahaha! i wish! i’m just hanging out with peeps and eating my heart out if i can. lord knows i deserve a great appetite after those nights of not eating from pure exhaustion. anyways, tomorrow is job hunting day. i better wake up early and get my resume printed out…. hahahaha =)

Memories of Summer Days

ok. me and my cousins have been doing various things just to relieve the feeling of boredom and to keep ourselves from thinking about my other cousin’s babies. it’s been going fun too! although, we often do movie nights when they’re off work at around 12midnight. we went out to eat at a chinese restaurant close to my university at around the same time… anyways, recently they’re always at the house, as though it was all done and forgotten (the big ‘thing’ that happened around feb.).. it’s ok with me coz they have no other peeps to go with but i guess i’m still waiting for that time when they would talk about what had happened during those weeks.

anyways, not to spoil the post, i am glad to be registered for the Senior Practicum. i feel so blessed that i managed to go through all those years and even though there were ups and downs, i have managed to not knock myself down with every pseudofailure that i experience. just gotta get ready for this unit and i will be taking the exam next february and i will be officially a nurse!! =)

another thing, i have taken on a mission to sew a dress or shirt for myself before the summer ends… of course, i’ll do my homework too!! anyways, i am almost done making a short dress.. LOL, ok i admit, i was sort of in a hurry to make something so i made a loose kind of dress.. i mean it looks okay and all that but my methods weren’t the best. an expert seamstress would probably scold me for what i did.. ok i don’t quite know how to work a sewing machine yet but i tried.. i think the longest i lasted on it was 1 minute then my mom had to come fix it again for me. after i got tired of stopping coz of my messed up sewing machine operating skills, i did the rest by hand.. it was time consuming but i managed to fix the undershirt, if that’s what it’s called. i bought more material so i can experiment more later haha!

we’re going swimming either later this week or next week.. we call it “bonding time.” LOL we’re so cheesy, eh? anyways, 1 more month and i’m headed for practicum!! =) i registered today already!! wish me luck everyone!! =)


hahhahaha!! i made it to the Dean’s Honour List! the mail came on july 12 and i was so happy i cried!! i didn’t expect it at all, and after all that effort especially around 2008’s struggle.. i was very thankful to say the least. i didn’t think i would have this sort of recognition, but now that i have this, i feel really blessed. i knew lord is always taking care of me.. lol i guess this was all a test to see if i kept my faith… =) i’m all smiles now..!! hahaha ok, gotta go to clinical now!!! just wanted to say i love my life. it gets crazy at times, but i love it anyways. ciao for now!! =)

Babies and Summer

ok so summer is here. but kids ar also here. and i am doing my last term this summer for nursing. not a good mix. the urge to take the kids out is overpowering but my homework weighs moe at the moment, which i know shouldn’t but hey, i’m a student so deal my cousin’s babies, a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 1 are both violent little freaks and very demanding of attention, should i say. the girl cannot talk unless her volume is maximum. and the little boy cannot go through a day without crying every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. maybe if they lived in separate houses, it would be easy to deal with but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. they never fail to stress me out each and every day lol. but hey they’re fun to mess around with lol i’m sooo mean, aren’t i? i like annoying my niece.. she gets so pissed off so fast but she believes my stories like they are real. i remember one time we went to the park or something and before that i’ve told her quite a few times that the planes crossing the sky were aliens trying to get little kids and cows to make for burger. so apparently she sees an airplane in the midst of walking among people in the park and she calls to me in her loudest volume and says, “There’s an alien!!!!!” ….all the people look up and see her pointing to the plane. omg, that was hilarious. i was walking ahead of her and her mommy so i turned to tell her to quiet down, and i saw her trip because she kept walking while staring at the plane in the sky LOL. that made it even more hilarious. please don’t judge me and say i’m mean lol it really was funny…. *sigh* she talks so funny too.. this is a typical sentence for her:

“what should i can do? i don’t know what should i can do!!”

“kittle me!!” (tickle me)

“i wanna /badil/ you” (here she mixed english with bikolano /badil/ which means ‘shoot’…. when we play aliens vs. human, that is…)

“only i can do that either.”

“i can do that either too.” (after trying my best to correct her)

hahhh, we are going across the border soon, in three weeks so, it should be fun! lol right now the gal is playing big big planet (actually ‘little big planet’) with my bro and sis downstairs…she like to take the bubbles ahead of the others even if she kills ’em in the process.. *sighs* she’s sooo agressive too.. lol i have no idea how she got to be like that at all. :p

Vivre Sans Regret

Live without regret. i used to think it was easy to do that, but now that i realize it and really internalize it; it’s hard to live without regrets. i regreted a lot of things like slacking in school and being randomly mean when i was at grade school. i’ve learned from my mistakes and at this moment, i can probably say i have very minute regrets–at the moment–that they can be considered negligible. and i’m glad. it’s a new year and and it should be like a new page in all our lives; a fresh start.

school starts next week and my lolo and lola are going back to florida this saturday. and i have work this weekend. already i’m feeling excited, not because my grandparents are leaving but because i feel useful again.. not that i felt useless during the holidays, but i can’t wait for this phase in my life to finish so that i can get a taste of what it feels like being totally independent. i’m graduating soon.. very confident about the future work that i will be doing, but also scared of course, you’ll never know what it’s really like out there until you’ve been there =)

my cousins are still here and i hope the friendly and relaxed atmosphere stays for as long as we are all living under the same roof. it’s fun when we get together.. i’ll probably miss them when they get they own place, but i’m sure by then, i’ve long missed my privacy as well. lol anyways, i’m posting to great everyone a happy new year!!! live without regrets!! and do everything in your power to get to your goals! i’m sure we’ll all accomplish them in due time.

there is a bit of a bad news and that will remain silent until i’ve thought things out properly and my anger is out of my system. my stories got a little bit of a move on, but since school is back again this term, i’m back to focusing on my classes. my stories will always be there anyways, just waiting for the time that i can immortalize them in ink, shall we say…

i greeted my bff in the philippines and i apologized for not writing her in the past 2 years [we write each other snail mail] and she said she’s not angry at all and that she was happy i wrote her.. i miss her so much. i miss everyone so much.. people change and i hope it’s all for the better. lost? sorry, i was just thinking of an instant a few days ago.. anyways, let’s all hope the Year of the Tiger is a good one!!!! =)