Long Time No See

*sigh* lately, i haven’t been getting a good sleep. i keep waking up so early, i feel like an old person with a different sleep cycle. and my nephew has not been sleeping beside me lately so i can’t blame it on that.

you know what’s really bugging me these days? i’ve recently been wondering what’s happening to my high school crush… hey, who can you blame after all those glancing exchanges and brief moments in the hallway.. and those excrutiating times in church where he would just stare.. LOL i’m not making those up! anyways, i was wondering, if i even crossed his mind ever since we left high school. i have a feeling that he’s moving on with his life as he should; girlfriends and all that. and sometimes that makes me wonder if i’m moving on too. i don’t think of him often and i think i don’t miss him. but everytime i remember those days, i sorta get that nostalgic feeling and i kinda wish i was back in high school again, just slightly, LOL.

anyways, just tonight, my sister comes to me after her work is done and says ‘I saw <insert name here>’ and i was like, ‘really? no joke?’ my sister works two blocks from our house. so i deduced that he [my high school crush]must live close by to be casually in that store @ 9.30pm in the night. when we were in high school he lived closer to our high school and from our new house now, that’s about 35 minutes drive away from us. that’s far. if i needed something that i had to get out at 9.30 in the night, i would chose the closest thing to home. and not a full 35minute drive to a random store that’s also got another franchise in our high school area. i guess he moved to the same area my family did. lol i think i’m over thinking things now.

how ironic, i start wondering where is he is, and now he shows up where my sister works which is super close to our house. funny how life works, huh? if this is a sign or something, i sorta don’t understand it… hahaha, i should just go to sleep… or should i go hunting tonight??? just kidding!!


Very Weird and Kinda Scary

i just had a dream this morning… i was fighting a girl, kung fu style, mano a mano, and  blood going everywhere… i was winning. i hit her on her throat where she had a stoma, which was covered with blood filled cloth.. she ripped it out coz the blood was starting to go in her airway and we took that as her defeat. she was screaming ‘NOOOO!!!’ in slow-mo too… but then we decided the fight had been a good one. so we started feeling our teeth to see if either one of us managed to loosen a tooth or two during the fight. she wiggled her two bottom front teeth and i was like, ‘oh i got you there, huh?’ and she was like, ‘thank god it’s just wiggly..’ by this time i was feeling for my top front tooth and i haven’t even pressed against it or anything when it fell off. i grinned like an idiot because i knew how crazy it would look. and she was starting to smile when i felt a gush of blood coming from where my tooth fell off. it quickly filled my mouth and starting overflowing [it was gushing out non-stop] and i stood up [coz we were sitting at that time] to go to the washroom to rinse it off but it just kept going and i felt my ears pop the way it does in high altitude [in the planes] and i was just about starting to panic when i fainted. i managed to see her smile turn into a horrified look. i crashed down onto the floor and i could feel the warm blood pooling around me. i heard her get up in a hurry and call for help. 

damn, scared the crap out of me when i woke up. i had to check for my front tooth coz it felt so real… lol

this is the second dream i’ve had where losing tooth was involved.. i don’t pay attention to what happens after though [coz you know how some people say someone close to you will die if you dream of losing a tooth/teeth] but this time i’ll pay attention.. probably nothing though, hopefully. 

i’ve had dreams of the walking dead before.. and snakes, and lakes, etc.. most of them are freaky.