soo…. tax form needs filing

yeahhhhh anyways aside from that, i have proudly joined the booksie community!! yay! there, i post all my writings from poems to short stories, etc… i really am addicted to that site now.. this is my page if ever you people get curious: and i am starting to neglect my blog lol. aside from that, i’ve been drinking an awfully huge amount of water these days.. it’s like whenever i see the water bottle, i just have to chug it… then refill it again and again.. lol don’t know how many times i peed today.. lol sorry!! i couldn’t help it.. ahhh i am lonely without DBSK.. i need to youtube them >.< LOL seriously i gotta go to where they are right now.. is it japan or china?? or are they back in korea?? WAHHHH i don’t know!! how sad is that!!!! i gotta know STAT.



i am so hungry right now. did you know yesterday night i was so depressed i felt like crying? lol, i don’t even know why i was depressed but no worries, i’ve been working on it, trying to figure out what was bothering me. anyhow, school’s almost done and that means it’s summer!!! boo hoo!! i have to work the whole 4 months, darn it. i just wish my 2008 wish would come true.. that’s all i’m hoping for now. oh, and i saw my friend in school two days ago (i haven’t seen her in a long time coz our classes are so messed up lol) and yeah i was missing her a lot and thus we had a bit of chit chat about the next school year… hmm she gave me lots of pointers for my classes 🙂 that was really nice of her. 

ooh, i made halo-halo just a few hours ago, and i am planning to make another one after this. isnt’ that great? anyway, i am feeling lazy today, i feel like calling in sick tomorrow (which will be my first time if i ever go with it).. coz remember, i was feeling depressed? it makes me feel lazy and sleepy too whenever that happens, which is pretty weird. i was angry and sad and yelling at people right before i went to bed. lol, i apologized when i prayed even i could tell i was been unfair to them coz they never did anything wrong and i was just exploding with nasty words all over the place. so sorry. i feel bad now. 
in order to cheer up my sad and lonely soul (wth eh), i already mentioned i would be making my sweet halo-halo. but i will also be adding on my story about S&Q.. that one will definitely be finished before this year is over. that is my short term goal so it has to happen even if i lose sleep over it. lol i’ve been having too much sleep in the past 3 months anyway, so that’s okay by my standards. aside from that, i’ve been neglecting the others, which is kinda gnawing at me coz i don’t like to think that i would ever neglect my cool peepz. lol anyway, still hung up on tvxq right now (before that, i had a daft punk phase that lasted about a month i think…) and that is why there is a picture of them right here–i just found that when i was googling lol…  i hope tvxq will find it’s way to canada. that would be wonderful =) wouldn’t it?? or just junsu is okay XD … actually, i changed my mind (wouldn’t wanna separate the best friends now would we?) i prefer all of them come and do concerts and everything. keep your fingers crossed, people!

my wish

kim junsuwhat if…? i wish junsu and the gang would come to canada. i wish i could meet xiah face to face just to see what he’s really like. is that weird? lol anyways, i wish the group good luck and hopefully they can perform here in the western side of the globe in the near future. that would be fun~!! i admit it, ‘ve been  watching their clips and vids on youtube. >.< part of me is still a fangirl, ya know. anyway, i wished for something and it said it will happen in a week’s time so right now i’m so excited~!! i don’t know what’ll happen but i wonder if it’ll still come true if i say it here… nah i won’t. but if something happens after a week, i will definitely tell!! i’d seriously be crying and laughing out of happiness!! ^__^ *fingers crossed*