The Upside of Things

Ah, moving on to the good rant.. haha! Ok so, just last month, I got accepted to work at a cardiac surgery unit and I’m just finishing my orientation. One last shift, a night shift, and then I’ll be on my own! Exciting and scary at the same time! It’s interesting how the unit works and I have to say this (not in a demeaning way), they are very anal about things. Haha but understand that we are dealing with the heart and lungs so of course you have to be anal. Do you want staff that just chillaxes and doesn’t pay attention to lab work, to the slightest changes in heart rate or rhythm? I don’t think so, not on a unit like this. So anyways, being anal means I have to retrain myself into working at such a pace to cover all the different bases, and there are lots to cover (compared to my general surgery unit)! So for now, i’m very grateful for the 12hour shifts, it doesn’t make me run around like a chicken with the head cut off.. Although, I’ve had a few shifts like that recently lol. So bottom line is, I’m glad for the change, the new challenges of this new environment and the pleasant new people that I’m meeting everyday. It’s fun even though it’s a bit stressful. I needed something to take my mind off things, and this is working perfectly. I’m not as exhaustively stressed about the other things and this work stress is a healthy sort of stress; makes me want to do better each day. I’m gonna study after this actually, need to review all the heart meds and such. So wish me luck, and ciao for now! 🙂


Such Craziness >__<

you see, i have this bad habit of looking at my work schedule once or twice (and not so attentively at that) then never again. So what happens is something like this (click the image to read it.. LOL):

Sorry, I had to blur out my peeps’ names… condifentiality and all. But you get what I mean. This craziness has happened to me 4 times now. 4 darn times; and i stayed to work at one time because it was a night shift. i didn’t wanna go home only to sleep again after sleeping away the rest of the day already.

Such is my laziness to look at my schedule more than twice. But you see, i have a reason for this. since i work full time, more often than not, i get stressed and agitated knowing that i am scheduled to work more days than i could ever admit was comfortable for my dear body and soul. 12 hours is tiring. i don’t like to think about the next week full of 12 hour work days. i don’t want to think of how busy it will be when i get there on those days. that is why, unlike my co-workers, i could never memorize my 12 week rotation, i can only put the next two or three days that i work into my already stressed brain. that’s how i do it, and that way is the less stressful for me. after those stretches, i would check again and see how long my next strecth is. if i make the mistake of looking past that, my dates unfailingly get mixed up somewhere. then i always feel the time i wasted in sleeping early the night before, getting up early in the morning, and going to work only to see that my name is not on the assignment. i’d sigh in defeat and shake my head. i quickly say hi and bye and leave the unit so i can go back home and sleep.

DAMN YOU, BRAIN!!! stop being so messed up with the dates already!! *sigh* sometimes i just have to laugh at myself for letting it happen again and again. please, whoever is listening, whisper a sign to me when i am at risk of making this sad, sad mistake again. ahahaha, but seriously. i don’t want it to happen again. it’s only been a year and it’s happened 4 times. =(

Mengele Twins

so after i watched the National Geographic video about Mengele’s experiements, I was almost 100% convinced that he was responsible for the high rate of twins in the small town of Candido Godoi, until I researched the high twin rate and found that the small town was not alone in the high twin rates: two more locations have the same increase in twin rates: Igbo-Ora in Nigeria and Kodinji in India. All having no hard fact to verify why the rates are so high compared to the global percentage.

So now i’m wondering if there really was even a connection between Candido Godoi and Mengele or was it just coincidence that he was there at the time of the twins booming rate? Hm, it does seem unlikely to figure out how to affect successive generations to produce multiples unless you mess with the DNA. or am i wrong? I think it’s possible for environments to play a part but of course only with the right conditions, [ie] fertility of females, diet (maybe), and of course genetics. Damn, i want twins too in the future.. maybe i should go live in those towns.. LOL. just kidding.

But anyhow, with that said, Mengele is long dead, so we will never really know what he did and didn’t do at that little town.

On the other hand, good news has come to my doorstep!! I got a job at where i had practicum. =) the interview was more scary in thought than the actual. confidence, i salute you for backing me up in that moment. Lord knows i was scared. LOL i didn’t know what she was going to ask me, but it was all good, i got it all figured out on time. hahaha! I have a little bit of a dilemma today… write my mermaid story or finish my LBP level???!!!! ahh, choices.

Ahh, Feels Good To Be Done

hahahaha! this is the best december ever! i’m finally finished with school! i finished practicum on Nov. 28th with great improvements so i am very pleased to have the mark that i deserve. god knows how long i’ve waited for this moment and now that i’ve finally got it, it definitely feels good. =)

somehow, i know everything will be going for the best at this point in life and hopefully i’m right. i mean, now i can help out as much as i can with the mortgage, the bills, my bills (yeesh, my student loan is quite an amount right now), and finally being a student is done. I’m a working girl!! LOL

never thought i’d be so excited about this… i always thought working would be such a drag but since i’ve learned so much, i just want to go out there, do some good and learn more. that’s the feeling to have after all those years of hard work in university.

just so you get an idea of how senior practicum was, i’ll give you a little bit of a description. i was in the surgical unit, with moderate to high acuity (depends on the day LOL) and it is super busy. one shift, i didn’t even have time to sit for even a minute or go to the washroom to pee. isn’t that crazy? hahaha, yeah sometimes busy can be really busy. but yeah, i managed to owork my way through and i learned so much in the process. i got 2 great preceptors who were always giving me feedback so that i know what i needed to work on and what things i’m doing good at. so basically it didn’t come as a surprise at the end, but it was still scary knowing i still really didn’t have a concrete mark to be relieved about. but now that i know my mark, i am super happy! =)

anyways, it’s almost my b-day again. can you give me a present?? hahaha! i wish! i’m just hanging out with peeps and eating my heart out if i can. lord knows i deserve a great appetite after those nights of not eating from pure exhaustion. anyways, tomorrow is job hunting day. i better wake up early and get my resume printed out…. hahahaha =)

Could I Give You a Penny?

lately i’ve been busy with work. good coz there’s money coming in but bad because i can’t even spend it on anything [someone else needs it for their credit card debts grrr]. gosh, i’m bored!! i want to go swimming but the weather is uncooperative… grrrr. 

and so here i am rummaging through old photos to get a bit of entertainment…



well, that lasted 5 minutes. maybe i should check my works to see if i have any new comments on my stories and poems.. 



gosh, nothing!!! grrrrr!! i guess it doesn’t help that i haven’t been updating or even loggin in that site for over a few months now. geez. i’d go to food but i’m still full from the 6pm snack fest. music isn’t helping. i should just study my notes again!!! 



not even 1 second of thinking about it and i already can’t stand it. need something else to do. already cleaned the house. damn. oh i know. hot bath. =) home spa time!!! good times, good times… 


and maybe i can make the family go to the movies tonight…. will definitely try it. 

here’s a pic i’ve been liking lately because i’ve recently been exposed to VOCALOID. oh how i wish i had a pc instead of a mac because this software cannot play in macs. but anyways, the songs are awesome and my fave so far is the duet of Miku Hatsune & Kaito singing Last Night, Good Night. a youtube vid is linked here. i like them most. =) 


VOCALOID is basically a singing software.. it has an input voice already and all you have to do to is put your lyrics and music to make it work.  cool eh?? i want one but it seems that the japanese character voices are staying in japan. they have other english speaking vocals but i like these better. cuter and much more fantastic. there are other ones [rin & len] as you will see among the youtube videos.=)